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Coaching Package for Weight Loss - 4 weeks

An Individualized Plan to Lose Weight the Healthy Way based on the needs of your body

This weight loss plan is a comprehensive approach to losing weight in a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE way.  We will look at overall health markers and track your progress the whole way.  It includes daily accountability built in.  We will help you with customized meal suggestions, customized workouts and also tutorials to help you make better choices daily.  You will have a weekly 30 minute check in with your coach to discuss barriers and solutions to your goals.  You will learn how to track your workouts, your meals, you will get recommendations that will help to maximize the potential of YOUR body.  You can also  message your coach with questions,

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Coaching Consultation

Lets Create a Plan for what kind of Accountability you Need for you Health Improvements

This meeting will focus on what motivates YOU and how we can create an accountability plan that will work for you based on what you think that you need and how you work. Every person works differently and requires a different approach to tap into their motivation.  We will find out from you what will give you the best chance at lasting results.

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Health Assessment and Plan

Health Assessment Questionnaires and Plan***

This Assessment will look at your current symptoms and lifestyle habits, gather some basic health information and then on our end we will compile an individualized plan just for you to help you to address your specific health goals.  **We may recommend additional tests based on your initial questionnaire but we will get your authorization at that point.



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