Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Therapy and Health Coaching?

Therapy services must be provided by a Licensed Clinician or an unlicensed Master Level Clinician under the supervision of a Licensed person.  These services are considered medically necessary and are sometimes reimbursed or covered by your insurance company.  Services can continue as long as necessary for symptom reduction.  Clinicians are regulated by their state board (BBS in California).  Health Coaching is an unregulated service provided for a short period of time to address a specific GOAL of the client. Feel free to read this article on Verywellmind for more information.

How do I book my first session?

For Therapy: Go to "Book Online" and schedule your free 15-minute consultation. This call will help us determine if we are the right fit. After your consultation, you will be given next steps to schedule your first therapy session. 

For Coaching: Follow the same process, go to our "Book Online" page and schedule your free 15-minute consultation. Once we determine if coaching is the right fit for you, you will be given next steps to schedule your first coaching session. To purchase our 4-week coaching program, go to "Plans & Pricing."

What are your fees?

Our fees are $150 per Individual session and $200 for a Couples Session.  Sessions are 50 minutes.  The Health Assessment is $400. Our coaching packages are $799 for four weeks.  We offer services on a sliding fee scale if you qualify and if there is availability.

Is Telehealth or Online Therapy for everyone?

Telehealth is a very convenient way for people to get the services they need from a safe, private and comfortable space. With that said, it may not be suitable for people who lack a private space to talk, people with migraines, people with psychotic symptoms, and/or people who have visual impairments or are considered at high risk for suicide based on previous attempts. We take client health very seriously and use a pre-screening questionnaire prior to starting services to make sure Telehealth is a good fit for the client.